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Education And Internally Displaced Persons

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Explores the barriers and benefits to education that displacement may bring, as well as the specific challenges for education in the context of internal displacement.

What are the barriers to education for internally displaced people? How can these be overcome? Drawing on research from a diverse set of countries, including the USA, Somalia, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Columbia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the contributors consider the relationship between education and internally displaced people. These case studies raise fundamental questions regarding the barriers to education and some unexpected benefits for displaced children. The dynamics that impact access and quality of education for internally displaced people are examined and the the role education can play in rebuilding societies and strengthening peace building processes is considered. Each case study brings to light a different aspect of displacement including various causes; current legal protection and its implications for government action and practical responses; challenges arising from country contexts related to the scale and duration of displacement; and the role of education in meeting the needs of returnees.

About the Author

Alan Smith is the UNESCO Chair in Education at the University of Ulster, UK, where he is Professor of Education. Christine Smith is a Research Associate in Education, Conflict and International Development at the UNESCO Centre, University of Ulster, UK.

An Introduction To Distance Education

RRP $317.99

An Introduction to Distance Education is a comprehensive look at the field today, outlining current theories, practices and goals. The book reviews the influence of past distance education theory and practice, along with current changes. It outlines the practical skills and information that are essential to effective distance education design, delivery and navigation.

This volume brings together seminal contributors who have and who are currently researching and shaping our understanding and practice of distance education. A discussion of past and present practices in higher and distance education leads to an understanding of accessible education and the appropriate use of Web 2.0 technology.

Utilizing a student-guided approach, each chapter offers the following pedagogical features to engage and support the teaching and learning process:

  • Key Questions to Consider: Students can use these questions as triggers for further thoughts related to the topic. Instructors can use these questions for classroom and online discussion.
  • Thinking Points: Strategically placed throughout the text, these points act as a spring board for further reflection and classroom discussion.

A perfect textbook for Educational Technology PhD, Masters and Certificate programs, students will find An Introduction to Distance Education a solid foundation from which to explore and develop new approaches to designing and implementing online courses.a

A Companion To The Philosophy Of Education

RRP $417.99

<i>A Companion to the Philosophy of Education</i> is a comprehensive guide to philosophical thinking about education.</i> <br><ul><br><li>Offers a state-of-the-art account of current and controversial issues in education, including issues pertaining to multiculturalism, special education, sex education, and academic freedom. <br><li>Written by an international team of leading experts, who are directly engaged with these profound and complex educational problems. <br><li>Serves as an indispensable guide to the field of philosophy of education.</li></ul>


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