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A Tale Of Two Governments

RRP $175.00

"This book stands in a gap that I've long hoped to see occupied." - From the foreword by John MacArthur.

What does church discipline have to do with the separation of church and state?

At first glance, they seem like a strange combination: one, a relatively obscure church procedure, and the other, a hotly contested legal and political issue. But they have been forced together as a growing number of churches find themselves in court. Behind these court cases is an almost forgotten history of the relationship between church and state.

This story is an important one for every American who cares about religious freedom, and for every Christian who cares about the integrity of the church.

"A Tale of Two Governments, with wisdom and both legal and biblical fidelity, affirms the authority of both church and state, while demonstrating the lordship of Christ over all things. Insightful, practical and sound." - R.C. Sproul Jr, Ligonier Ministries.

"I highly recommend this book as a timely reminder of why American law (or any other) should not forget that there are two kingdoms God established to govern our world." - Scott Brister, Former Justice, Supreme Court of Texas.

"This book is a great contribution to educating people about our freedoms--and particularly the importance of church autonomy to religious freedom and the faith." - Kelly Shackelford, President and Chief Counsel, Liberty Institute.

Local Government Labor Relations : A Guide For Public Administrators

RRP $360.99

An introduction to the issues and procedures in local government collective bargaining.

A Fragment On Government A Comment On The Commentaries

RRP $49.99

Being an examination of what is delivered on the subject of government in general, in the introduction to Sir William Blackstone's Commentaries: whit a preface, in which is given a critique on the work at large. Second edition, englarged. This book, "A fragment on government A comment on the Commentaries," by Jeremy Bentham, is a replication of a book originally published before 1823. It has been restored by human beings, page by page, so that you may enjoy it in a form as close to the original as possible.


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