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Easy And Healthy Recipes

RRP $12.99

The goal of this cookbook is to help people, especially bachelors, master the skills of cooking by following simple steps to make delicious recipes. The following five chapters cover a combination of vegetarian, paleo, and clean diet recipes. The urge is to assist people in following the most natural, healthy and genetically approved diet plans. Easy and Healthy Recipes contains more than thirty recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts. All of which are simple to prepare easing the transition to a healthier lifestyle. The interesting and unique recipes in this cookbook will provide a variety of flavors to spice up any diet and keep it on track. So lose all the complicated, bland diet cookbooks and lets get cooking!

The Everything Guide To A Healthy Home

RRP $19.99

A house is a family?s refuge, yet the air in the average American home is up to ten times more polluted than air just outside. This shocking statistic highlights an inescapable truth of modern life: our homes have become unhealthy places! With The Everything Guide to a Healthy Home, readers will uncover the hidden dangers of their house, and learn how to neutralize the toxins, radiation, and chemicals that threaten the average house. The book includes: ? Instant fi x checklists that will immediately make the house a safer place ? Information on applying these principles to cars, workplaces, and even schools ? Foods that fi ght back against cancer and toxin exposure Whether readers make every fi x or just a targeted few, the decisive steps in The Everything Guide to a Healthy Home will result in a safer, more comfortable, and more livable home for readers and their families. AUTHOR: Lisa Stockwell is a writer and editor with a background in healthy and sustainable home design. She was editor-in-chief of Homeowner?s Resource, a San Francisco-based home improvement magazine, and, over six years, steered the magazine?s focus to eco-friendly and healthy living. She has written feature articles on healthy lifestyles and the environment for various organizations and publications. SELLING POINTS: ? Includes home fix prioritization checklists that are ranked on the projected health impact of making the fix, rather than the timeline associated with it. ? Includes activities designed to teach your children about the principles of a healthy home, and what they can do to protect themselves while they are away from the house ? The idea of the ?healthy home? free from toxins and other dangers is rapidly becoming a mainstream phenomenon. In the month of April alone, this idea of the healthy home has been featured on Oprah and CNN ? Everything home and garden titles have sold more than 350,000 copies!

Allied Health

RRP $378.99

Make the most of your contribution to health care delivery!

Allied Health: Practice Issues and Trends in the New Millennium is a comprehensive look at present and future concerns in the allied health care field. Leading experts in allied health practice and education address practice and policy issues that have developed as technology and a changing health care environment have created new and expanded roles for allied heath professionals. With the allied health field projected to add an estimated four million new jobs by 2005 in the United States alone, this book is an essential resource for maximizing the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver safe, efficient, effective, and equitable care.

Allied Health: Practice Issues and Trends in the New Millennium presents an overview of the concerns facing the largest and most diverse pool of health workers in the United States as they provide disease detection, prevention, dietary, health promotion, rehabilitation and health management services at all levels of health care delivery. This unique book addresses critical issues that affect allied health practice, including managed health care, computer technology, drug information, and demographic trends in society, with an emphasis on implications for education. The book also includes appendices listing allied health organizations, accrediting agencies, and descriptions of federally recognized allied health professions.

Allied Health: Practice Issues and Trends in the New Millennium presents information on:

  • public policy
  • research needs
  • new directions for accreditation
  • interprofessional collaborative alliances
  • employment opportunities
  • practice directions
  • and much more!
Allied health professionals play a critical role in health care delivery, comprising a significant portion of the health care work force with tremendous potential for addressing issues of health care cost, quality, and access within the health care system. Allied Health: Practice Issues and Trends in the New Millennium is an essential resource for the future of health care in the United States and a must read for allied health care educators and students, and health care policymakers.


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