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Towards Universal Health Care In Emerging Economies 2016

RRP $361.99

This book explores how political, social, economic and institutional factors have combined to generate diverse outcomes in eight selected emerging economies in their move towards universal health care. Structured in three parts, the book begins by framing social policy as an integral system in its own right. The following two parts go on to discuss the opportunities and challenges of achieving universal health coverage in Thailand, Brazil and China, and survey the obstacles facing countries such as Russia and Venezuela in the reform of their health care systems. The historical evolution of social policy systems and the eight cases in this volume demonstrate that universalism in health is continuously redefined by the interactions between diverse political forces and through specific policy processes. At a time when international and national-level discourse around health systems has once again brought universalism to the fore, this edited collection offers a timely contribution to the field in its thorough analysis of health care reform in eight emerging economies.

The Healthy Choice Minister

RRP $16.99

The Books of the Major Prophets will feature the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, and Daniel.

The Health Project Book

RRP $287.99

The Health Project Book is a practical and detailed guide to all aspects of conducting a research project in health. It is relevant to anyone working in the health field who needs to design a study, collect the data, analyse the findings and write up a report. Clear advice and examples are given in each of these areas.
Case studies illustrate the use of:
* CD-Rom Facilities
* the Cochrane database on the world wide web
* qualitative analysis software.
Individual chapters cover:
* ethical considerations
* the selection of samples
* questionnaire design
* working in a laboratory
* conducting interviews
* statistical and qualitative analysis.
Further advice is included on how to write a research paper critically, and how to make effective verbal presentations of findings.
Neil Wood has supervised student projects in health over many years and this handbook is based on his experience in teaching students how to get the best out of themselves and their project. It will be an extremely useful resource for students and professionals in nursing, health studies, health sciences, psychology and related fields.


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